A UCL Undergrad? Scary stuff…

Hi there, my name is Optimistic Politics Today. I will be writing to you about my experience of studying BA Viking and Old Norse Studies at University College London (which is my firmed offer so dependent on my A Level results).

Capture of ucl offer

Coming from a small Southern town in England, attending university in London will no doubt be a big step in my life. This is probably something I have in common with many others around and outside the country, so I am hoping by sharing the inevitable transitional stress, it will in some way be halved.

What comes to many peoples’ minds when they hear about my chosen degree subject is But why the Vikings specifically?, and I love hearing that question because it allows me to delve into my why the Vikings were so cool and share so many similarities with 21st century society soliloquy. Not only was their society hierarchically divided, much like ours with an uneven distribution of wealth, but, the period of a few hundreds of years in which the Age took place saw great social change, such as conversion to Christianity and harsher social divisions with a general rise in affluence. Some would argue that this is similar to the difference between poverty-stricken post-war Britain and the affluence of our 21st century consumerist lifestyles. Alongside this social fascination, comes the fact that my grand-parents are Norwegian, and the Vikings are therefore somewhere near the top of my family tree. I also completed an Extended Project Qualification on the Vikings, which enabled me to extend my Viking Knowledge.


Now, let’s talk about London. The capital city of Great Britain, home to millions and the workplace of many more, it is one of the most exciting destinations for students fresh out of college, in pursuit of a life away from the dull normality of life at home. It has multiple tourist destinations to keep a student occupied all the time and is so big that boredom could not possibly be an option. However, with the biggest population comes the highest crime rate, so I will no doubt arrive armed with pepper spray and a rape alarm. Does that make me sound paranoid? Maybe it does, but as a young female in a large city, such precautions seem sensible; what do you think?


So there you have it, my first blog entry outlining who I am and what I hope to write about. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, I hope you can join me for the next chapter in my university journey.

I also would love to hear your thoughts on going to university, choosing your degree subject, and even the Vikings!

Good bye for now my Scandinavian Viking friends


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