Five Things I Love About Studying in London

The Surroundings – Whether it is cycling past the intricate architecture of Big Ben or the daunting Gothic beauty of Westminster Abbey, being a student in London never fails to take my breath away. There is little that I love more than pausing by a red light in Trafalgar Square and being spared a minute to momentarily soak up its sensual atmosphere after a long hard day at university; it is beautiful.

Booming Big Ben

The Freedom – I love that whether I am at my uni accommodation or campus, I always seem to be a five minute cycle ride from everywhere. That everywhere could be one of the monumental British Museums for a fresh form of learning or simply a moment’s silence to swallow the magnificently peaceful presence of Buckingham Palace, placed conveniently in the centre of the hustle bustle of the city.  


The Resources – London is home to many, as mentioned, incredible and free (!) museums. They are not only fascinating to observe for fun, but also house most prominent primary sources for historic degrees. Additionally if I cannot find my book in the main UCL library, then I have plenty more to choose from including the London Library and Barbican Library – many of which I am automatically a member of through UCL.


The Christmas Decorations – It is Christmas time. To many students around the country, this does not mean many decorations, but rather many deadlines. It is an insanely stressful time, whether one is just adjusting to the idea of living by oneself or has their future relying on their final dissertation. Either way, I have found the rare beauty of London’s street decorations to be strangely calming. Perhaps it is their cheery sparkle which promises nothing but optimism for the future and New Year.


The Sense of Purpose – One undeniable aspect of ‘London culture’ is the never-ending mission every individual appears to be on. Maybe it is the speed walking, or the determined look on people faces, but one cannot possibly feel anything but focused and hurried in the city which never stops. This sense of urgency is very contagious and I have found it to help me be carried along in the rushing river of life.

I hope you enjoyed my latest blog post and be sure to let me know what you love about uni in your city!

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