Just two weeks until exams

It has hit that period just before exams when I am trying to cram every last morsel of knowledge into my mind in preparation for my four exams in the next month. It is particularly stressful this year on account of the fact that I also have three coursework essays to submit in just over a week. I think it’s fair to say this is a busy period. So the question is, how am I keeping going?


Firstly, I am taking lots of breaks, so as to not run out of energy. I have made some delicious chocolate shortbread biscuits which make the perfect revision snack. They go tremendously with Greek yogurt and fresh strawberries.


Secondly, I am listening to a playlist I found on YouTube called Alt-J – Top Tracks over and over. They help me feel in the zone and somehow I find it harder to procrastinate when I am listening to their music because it is ‘work music’. Also, by listening to the same playlist on repeat, I don’t get distracted by the blissful beauty of their harmonies.


Thirdly, I am not forgetting that it is the Easter Holidays and time for a bit of a break. I have visited Oxford, London and am going to Brighton next week. By having plans for my days off, I feel much more motivated to work hard on my working days, so I have a fresh mind for my time off.


With these three things, I am feeling better about the miserable exam period which lies ahead. Of course, I am procrastinating at this very moment, but its productive procrastination, so I allow it.


Let me know what you do to handle these stressful periods for students – we can help each other get through it!

Until next time,


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