General Election 2017 Prediction

This is my prediction for the General Election result 2017. It is based on historical knowledge about previous British elections.

I predict that, as in 1974, there will be a hung parliament. No party will gain enough votes to obtain a majority, so it will come down to the party with the most votes to step up and try to win the country over in the year following. In my knowledge of history, there has never been a particularly successful coalition government, especially Labour and Conservative, who I predict will gain the highest volume of votes. I optimistically predict that Labour will scrape a majority, and will work with minority parties to gain Conservative votes, so that the next election, which will presumably happen in the next year, will be a more successful Labour win. I think that had the parties had less time to campaign, it would have been an easy Conservative win, and had they had more time to campaign, Labour would have gotten the majority. I predict that more people will vote in the 2017 election than they did two years ago, because the honesty and integrity of Jeremy Corbyn has begun the long process that will once again bridge the relationship between British citizens and our politicians once again. His honest approach has reinstalled faith for many in British politics, and Theresa May’s campaign mistakes such as not turning up to TV debates, and using vague sound bites to answer direct questions, has highlighted for many the elite and aloof reputation politicians of all parties currently maintain in this country. I am hoping that Corbyn’s genuine desire to help the majority will meet people in their front rooms, and the Labour party’s reputation and ethics will be transformed, whatever the outcome.

I look forward to seeing the results of this General Election because it has been a progressive campaign, regardless of the final result.

My final message before the election results are announced is to vote! If you have not yet, make the most of this democratic privilege we are all blessed with in the UK, and have your say! Don’t take it from me, take it from Simmy:



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