Great characteristics to look out for in politicians

These essential traits can be found across all parties in politics, across the globe.


Jacob Rees-Mogg – ‘rather uplifting’ that there has been an increase in food bank usage – you may not agree with this statement, but one should admire his honest, straight and perhaps revealing statement.



Donald Trump – Paris Climate Change Deal – as promised, and as many may have dreaded, he took the US out of the deal, maintaining how climate change is a mere hoax. Consistently great or consistently dreadful, any type of consistency is positive as consequences can be foreseen and even plans created to counter act them.

climate change

Strength of character

Corbyn – despite his own party attempting to oust him, Corbyn has been leader of the Labour Party since 2015. Against the odds, he increased the youth vote in the 2017 general election. 16% more people aged 18-24 voted in 2017, compared to 2015.



DUP – where something like integrity will always be ambiguous, a political party which is in financial agreement with another party, yet willing to still vote independently for the good of the majority of people, is a good sign. Where the DUP supported an end to the NHS pay cap and annual student loan increases of £250, rather than stick with the Conservative’s silence on these topics, one sees how DUP is retaining balance of its moral compass.



Angela Rayner – from having her first child at 17, and dropping out of school, her strength of character has driven her to become the UK’s potential Secretary of State for Education. In action, and often surrounded by Oxbridge graduates, Rayner is strong and opinionated. Her vivacious personality and drive is inspiring and will no doubt result in further success.

keeping it cool

Let me know your favourite politician characteristics in the comments below!

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