Saving the Environment – Give yourself a pat on the back

DSC_0267In 2017, the global growth of renewable energy was 17%. This is the 14th successive year that growth has been in the double digits. In global power, renewable energy accounts for nearly 50%. This is amazing progress which should be positively recognised.


This could be because of our everyday efforts, for which we deserve a pat on the back:

The 5p charge on plastic bags brought down usage in major retailers by a whopping 85%. That is 140, down to 25 bags on average per person each year. Here are some really cool ones if you would like to benefit yourself and the environment simultaneously.


The lower price for coffees in a reusable cup has had a phenomenal effect. Since introducing the 25p discount, well known coffee shop Starbucks recognised a significant 150% increase in reusable cup usage. Also, when Pret increased their discount for reusable cups from 25p to 50p, they saw a ten-fold increase in the use of reusable cups – that is 85,000 drinks in reusable cups every week. Here are some brilliant designs to suit any lifestyle.


The UK’s recycling rate keeps on increasing, and in 2016 reached a huge 45.2%. this is great because it allows us to conserve natural resources, protect eco systems and wildlife and protect people, to name just a few of the countless reasons to recycle. Here is a brilliant way to recycle seemingly non-recyclable plastic.


Now, I am not unaware of the looming environmental issues facing the world today. But amidst the negative news coverage of climate change, small but significant changes can sometimes go unnoticed. I am trying to change that. Hopefully I have given you something to smile about today.

Thank you for reading.

2018-12-07 (2)
And relax…


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